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Unitized Pressure Gauges

Mutual Benefit offers standpipe pressure gauges that come standard with a 2 inch NPT male connection. Unitized pressure gauge indicators mud pump pressure and standpipe pressure, and can be used on cementing, acidizing, fracturing, and gravel-packing trucks. This style of gauge is ideal for mud pumps, stand pipes, choke manifolds and pump trucks.


-Dials available dual scale divisions

-Comes with 2 inch 1502 hammer union 

-Replacement diaphragm cup, check valve and damper assembly

-Standard capacities include: 1,000psi, 3,000psi, 5,000psi, 6,000psi, 10,000psi, 12,000psi and 15,000psi.

-Other pressure ranges are available in kPa, MPa and bar units of measure

To Order Specify

-Thread size

-English or metric

-Pressure capacity

-Hammer union or flange type

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